TORQUE 2020 Postponed

The situation with COVID19 is forcing us to look for alternative solutions for running Torque 2020.

We are looking into possibilities to postpone to fall 2020, to spring 2021, perhaps to skip the Torque conference this year and simply defer to the 2022 edition or to find a way to come up with a satisfactory online version.

As you will understand this needs to be agreed upon by many stakeholders, in the first place TU Delft and the EAWE Board. We expect to give you details about the new plans by the end of May or early June. By that time we hope to have a clearer idea as well on how this pandemic evolves and what effect it may have on travelling or even people’s willingness to participate given the stress and trauma of the ongoing situation.


For all authors of submitted papers: we plan to publish all the reviewed and satisfactorily revised papers by the summer of 2020. This will not be dependent upon your attendance at the postponed conference. Of course, regardless, we hope we will get the opportunity to receive you in a later or online version of our conference.

We wish everyone the very best in these very difficult times for many. Stay safe, be in touch and take care of each other.

Best regards from home-offices in The Hague, Leuven, and Rotterdam,

Simon Watson, Chairman of Torque 2020, Director TU Delft Wind Energy Institute
Johan Meyers, President EAWE
Linda Gaffel, Manager of Torque 2020