EAWE is an international community that promotes and supports the development of wind energy science to exploit wind energy to its full potential for the benefit of the world. EAWE’s mission is to;

  • Connect expertise in wind energy science and education
  • Provide a forum for wind energy knowledge exchange
  • Promote education, awareness, career development and interest in wind energy
  • Be a credible, legitimate and independent scientific voice of European wind energy research

EAWE is a non-profit organization registered in Oldenburg, Germany, and is governed by Europe’s leading universities and research institutes on wind energy. All universities or research institutes that are active in wind energy research or education, and wish to support EAWE in its mission, are welcome to become a member.

Every even year the TORQUE conference and every odd year the Wind Enenergy Science (WESC) conference is organised by one of the members under EAWE flag.