Conference Venue

The conference will take place at the TU Delft Aula Conference Centre. This spacious venue features multiple well-equipped rooms for the conference besides open spaces and a restaurant. The venue is also well connected by various means of transport.

Aula Congress Centre
Building 20
Mekelweg 5
2628 CC Delft

Daily, about 27.000 people travel across the TU Delft campus: students, scientists, visitors, and employees of the university and the companies on campus. Stretching over 161 hectares, the campus is larger than downtown Delft, and one of the largest university campuses in the world. The campus has been equipped with an extensive bicycle and pedestrian road network.

The TU Delft campus has a green, parky character. Large parts of the campus are therefore only accessible on foot, by bike, or public transport. For motorists there is the campus ring road, which circles the entire campus. Clear signage on the campus ring guides you easily to the central parking lots. From there, every destination is reachable on foot.