In our quest for sustainability and integration into the TU Delft campus life, we encourage guests to cycle between their accommodation and the conference venues. The TU Delft campus is more friendly to bicycles than to cars and a bike will get you anywhere. Moreover May should be a very pleasant month to clear your head in the morning while cycling to the conference or opening your appetite on your way to the dinner venue.

In order to facilitate this quest, we have arranged bicycles which you can reserve and pick up at the conference venue upon arrival and leave at the venue on the final day. We hope you will join us in our quest!

Bike Rental Tue 26 May – Fri 29 May:

The bikes are available for the duration of the conference and can be collected at the Aula Congress Centre. To collect your bike, please contact the TORQUE 2020 staff at the registration desk on the ground floor.

The rental fee is 35 euro and needs to be paid before collecting the bike. You can reserve a bike when registering for the conference. In case you wish to reserve a bike but have already registered for the conference, please return to your original registration form (you can use the link in your confirmation email) and update your registration.

You can collect and/or return your bike any time during the registration desk opening hours.
All bikes must be returned Friday 29 May by 14.00.

Please find the opening hours of the registration desk below:

Extra opening hours for pre-registration and bike rental

  • Tuesday 26 May: 17.00 – 19.00

Regular Opening Hours Registration/Information Desk

  • Wednesday 27 May: 08.00 – 17.00
  • Thursday 28 May: 08.00 – 17.00
  • Friday 29 May: 08.00 – 14.00

In case of defects caused by wear and tear and normal use of the bike (flat tyre, broken chain, broken lighting etc.) TU Delft will provide a new rental bike.

General cycling rules in Holland*

  • Since July 2019, you are no longer allowed to hold a telephone or other electronic device in your hand while riding a bicycle.
  • Two cyclists are allowed to ride side by side, no more.
  • If cycling side by side hinders traffic, you must cycle in single file.
  • Cyclists are allowed to turn right at a red traffic light if there is a sign that reads: ‘rechtsaf voor fietser vrij’ (cyclists free to turn right).
  • Cycles can be parked on the sidewalk unless there is a sign that forbids it.
  • Cyclists must pass each other on the left; they are allowed to pass other vehicles on the right.
  • Cyclists must have a working light on the front and back of their bicycle at night.

* Source:

Wearing a bicycle helmet in the Netherlands isn’t mandatory and helmets will not be provided with the bikes. If you wish to use one, please bring your own or contact the TORQUE 2020 team via