Paul Veers

Senior Research Fellow
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Paul Veers is a Senior Research Fellow for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Chief Engineer at NREL’s National Wind Technology Center.  He has worked on a wide range of research topics in wind energy including atmospheric turbulence simulation, fatigue analysis, reliability, structural dynamics, aeroelastic tailoring of blades, and the evaluation of design requirements.

Paul was the Chief Editor for Wind Energy, an international journal for progress and applications in wind power, for twelve years. The two-volume book he edited, Wind Energy Modeling and Simulation, which includes eighteen chapters on individual aspects of the wind energy research and plant design, was published in 2019.

The European Academy for Wind Energy awarded him the Scientific Award 2016 for his leadership in wind energy, especially in scientific publishing, and he received the NREL Chairman’s Award for sustained research excellence in 2018.