Special Activities

International Small Wind Turbine Contest (ISWTC)

In 2020, parallel to the TORQUE2020 conference, the ISWTC will take place in the Open Jet Facility of the TU Delft. This international contest challenges students from all over the world to design, build and test a self-chosen turbine model in a professional laboratory.

Images of the contest will be shown on screens at the TORQUE2020 venue. As a trial the Delft Global Initiative will be involved in setting the design criteria for the 2020 contest, pushing the competitors to think of development of the most cost and energy efficient turbines for remote and developing areas.

Farewell lecture Prof. Gerard van Bussel

Picture exhibition by Prof. Henri Werij, Dean of TU Delft Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Henri Werij, Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and talented photographer, has photographed TU Delft wind energy scientists in their respective research environments. You are invited to take a look at this delightful exhibition during your stay in Delft. Exact location will follow.

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